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This study conducted by InfluencerDB’s data science team aimed to show the highest performing brands and campaigns using Instagram to market their products. The campaign was identified by campaign hashtags, looking deeply at “peaks” in the use of a hashtag to indicate a campaign.

A Glance at the Best Performing Brands and Influencer Marketing Campaigns in 2018:

  • While Fashion Nova, who employed 329 influencers, is the brand that has created the most impact on Instagram, H&M, which employed over 58,000 people, ranked fourth.
  • Marvel has created the strongest branded campaigns with influencers.
  • Some brands have chosen to invest heavily in paid influencers. has achieved significant results from it, with over one-third of the influencers who posted about the brand were paid.
The Top 5 Best Performing Brands on Instagram in 2018

A Figure Shows the Top 5 Best Performing Brands on Instagram in 2018

The Content of “Influencer Marketing in 2018” Report:

  • Summary of Findings
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Infographic – Top 5 Brands and Campaigns
  • Best Performing Brands
  • Best Performing Campaigns
  • Jury Selections

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InfluencerDB has analyzed over 900,000 posts mentioning brands and a subset of these nearly 451,000 postings that referenced a branded campaign or hashtag. The data set of Instagram postings is from the timeframe of January 1 – May 31, 2018.


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