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TikTok is Experimenting with Social Commerce Links

TikTok is reportedly testing embedding social commerce links in videos. This intent shows that TikTok looks to make it easier for influencers to connect with brands and retailers.

TikTok has more than a billion users on its platform, and it seems as a suitable time for TikTok to begin to experiment with ways to monetize its platform.

Some users are now being given the option to add a URL to their bio. Whilst this could be to any website, it can, of course, include e-commerce sites, which would allow users to direct people who view their profiles to those sites, opening up the possibility of using affiliate links in-app.

These features were first spotted and shared by Fabian Bern, founder of influencer of Chinese startup Uplab. In a video he tweeted on Thursday, Bern showed how it was possible for the first time for creators to give their viewers the ability to visit a third-party website.

TikTok confirmed that it was testing social commerce links. It seems that the features have only been rolled out for testing in the U.S. at this stage. If they were to become permanent features, it would make TikTok potentially one of the most attractive social commerce destinations for both content creators and viewers.

The app already provides shoppable ads for brands. The addition of shopping links could be an attractive feature for retail and brand marketers.

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