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Since the launch of the significant photos and video sharing application Instagram in 2010, it has become essential in our daily lives, and of course, it plays a vital and important role in marketing as well.

What matters the most on Instagram is engagement, what every marketer looks for is to attract the target audience and to have them as followers. The engagement rate says a lot, for example, if you are reaching the right audience and if your content is relevant to them, engagement on Instagram comes in the form of likes and comments. More than 80% of businesses consider engagement the most important metric.

Let’s dive into more details about Instagram Engagement and video engagement.

Instagram Engagement 2020

Talking more about Instagram Engagement in 2020 and according to Hubspot,

The Ultimate Stats About Instagram Engagement 2020 | DMC

                         The average number of likes vs. Type of post

  • Image posts received 27.55% more likes than permanent video posts.
    Bearing in mind that an average image on Instagram gets 23% more engagement than one published on Facebook.
  • However, the average Instagram post receives a whopping 14869.1 likes.
  • Also, image posts received 27.55% more likes than permanent video posts and 13.55% more likes than carousel posts.

Likes on Instagram by Post Type

Hubspot has analyzed more than 48 million posts, as a result, they found out that the average Instagram post receives many likes: 5,963.1 to be exact. This takes into account the posts of highly influential users, which skews the average.
Anyhow, looking at the median number of likes, it’s closer to 100, which suggests 50% of users receive less than 100 likes for the average post.

  • The following chart shows that the video posts received on average the highest number of likes, this is expected as video content gets higher engagement on most social networks.
The Ultimate Stats About Instagram Engagement 2020 | DMC

                     The Average Number of Likes Per Post

  • As for the second place, it is a carousel followed by the image.

Comments on Instagram by Post Type

The engagement on Instagram is known to be in the form of likes and comments. The average Instagram post receives 100.34 comments.
Let’s find out if the video posts get high comments and follow the same pattern as the likes as well.

The Ultimate Stats About Instagram Engagement 2020 | DMC

The Average Number of Comments Per Post

The chart above shows that:

  • Video posts received a remarkably higher number of comments than other posts type- on average, more than double that of static image posts. As surveyed, The average number of comments per post for a video is 150.
  • 50% of total users receive less than 4 comments per video post.
  • Carousel comes in second place, followed by the image.

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