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As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, both economically and socially, technology adoption remains one of the defining factors in human progress. There is a noticeable rise over the past years in the percentage of people in the emerging and developing nations who say that they use the internet and own a smartphone. And while people in advanced economies still use the internet more and own more high-tech gadgets, the rest of the emerging world is catching up.

Smartphones are now important devices of modern life, those people without access to mobile devices are severely limited in their ability to participate in the full spectrum of today’s economic and societal activities. Mobile is now enabling consumers all over the world to not only communicate more effectively, but pay bills, shop, and even remotely control devices in their homes and cars. And mobile continues to provide new opportunities to grow markets for those who are bold, innovative, and informed.

The Key Findings of “Device Flagship Report Q1, 2019” Report:

  • 95% of internet users own a smartphone.
  • 42% of the global surveyed online population say they have conducted a voice search within the past month on any device.
  • 6 hours and 49 minutes is the average time spent online by the global surveyed Internet users per day on computers, tablets, laptops, and mobiles combined.
  • 73% of surveyed internet users used a map or direction service application by using their smartphone.
  • 63% of surveyed internet users watched any type of TV via their PC/Laptop.
  • 29% of surveyed online adults have watched content on a TV by casting it via their mobile phone in the past month.
  • 25% of surveyed internet users in North America have had their mobile device for longer than two years, compared to just 14% in APAC and LatAm.
  • 85% of iPhone owners say they would upgrade to another iPhone, compared to 81% of Samsung owners who said the same about Samsung devices.
  • Online adults in MEA are more likely to watch Amazon’s service on phones than PCs while watching Netflix remains a computer-first activity.
  • Around 3 in 10 digital consumers are planning to upgrade or buy a new phone within the next 6 months.
  • Social media related behaviors and activities are firmly mobile-first and are increasingly becoming mobile-only.
Device Ownership Around The World 2019

A Figure Shows The Device Ownership Around The World, 2019.

The Content of “Device Flagship Report Q1, 2019“:

  • Key Insights.
  • Device Ownership.
  • Device Usage Trends.
  • The Mobile Marketplace.
  • Entertainment Devices.
  • Notes on Methodology.
  • More from GlobalWebIndex.

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This report draws insights from GlobalWebIndex’s Q4 2018 and Q1 2019 waves of research across 45 countries, with a global sample of 278,359 respondents.


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