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European Video Ad Format Landscape, April 2017 | IAB Europe

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There are three dominant formats across all devices in the European video advertising market. These formats dominate in terms of current usage, trends and ROI across the industry with little variation between advertisers, agencies, and publishers.

The following points produce a glance at the European video Ads formats in 2017:

  • There are 3 dominant formats across all devices in the European video advertising market which are: the in-stream pre-roll format, out-stream in-article / in-page format and broadcast 30-second spot.
  • Out-stream formats are more popular than pre-roll in some markets, especially in Western Europe.
  • PC/desktop devices hold the majority of advertisers & agencies usage of the pre-roll format for their brand advertising campaigns.
  • 82% of advertisers & 88% of agencies plan their digital video advertising campaigns in conjunction with their TV advertising.
  • 80% of advertisers & agencies increased their use of pre-roll on mobile devices over the last year.
  • Advertisers are more likely to use smaller file sizes in their video ads formats, for example, 50% use 40KB for the click-to-play in-banner format compared to 12% of publishers & 13% of agencies.
European Video Ad Format Landscape April 2017 IAP

                                                  A Graph Shows The Average Value of Video Ad Formats.

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