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6 Email Marketing Tips That Will Increase Your Brand Awareness

Email Marketing | Aug 19, 2020

Email Marketing Tips To Increase Brand Awareness

6 Email Marketing Tips To Increase Brand Awareness

Have you ever thought that why email marketing is the best means of digital exposure?

Email marketing is the formal type of marketing for the awareness of your brand. Your audience may miss the Facebook or Twitter post, but they can never miss the attachment which drops in their inbox.

Email marketing is far different from the other social media platforms because it helps to construct direct relationships with the customers. Whether you have low traffic or high traffic everyone needs more of what they have.

There are many ways by which you can gain traffic for your website, but if you want real stakeholders, you should mainly focus on your email marketing.

You may have professional marketers for your brand awareness, but sometimes they make some tiny mistakes which could mean the difference between gaining traffic and losing customers.

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Here are some email marketing tips that will help you explore your brand awareness…

Email Marketing Tips To Increase Brand Awareness

Know Your Target Market

You may get a different group of clients from every social media platform. It is important to know your target market. If you reach a boy with a cosmetics deal it would be useless. You should be aware of whom you are outreaching.

Make different category of your subscribers and send a separate mail to each category, not everyone clicks link in their inbox. But if they find the product that relates to them, then there is a lot more than a chance that the person may click the link to check amazing deals and offers.

Use Infographic Formation

Are you interested in reading long paragraphs or happy by giving some seconds to a picture that spells everything out?

People mostly prefer infographics rather than reading the text because it generally contains to-the-point knowledge that tells a particular story. They aren’t reading the reviews of any product, they are looking at the deals and if it impresses him, he will look forward to that email.

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Make Your Emails Mobile Friendly

Needless to say that digital marketers use PCs or laptops for their work. According to the research, 70% of the email campaigns are opened on mobile phones. An email with a mobile-friendly structure is not good to have; it a must-have. Your email should be mobile-friendly so that whom you outreaches won’t face any trouble.

Add CTA buttons to click and leave no chance of clicking something else by mistake. Don’t put any unconventional stuff that requires software support which one does not have on their phone.

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Choose the Best Time to Send Emails

When do people get some free time? At night, before going to bed or in the morning when they are scrolling ups their feed?

A person receives plenty of emails every day and if your email doesn’t open at the right moment, it won’t stay at the top of the inbox and it can be missed from opening.

According to your audience, schedule the emails so the very first thing a person does when he wakes -up in the morning is open up their inbox.

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Headers Matters

What type of email do you open the most?  The one which carries your name? And the other one that contains an attractive subject?

Header matters. If you see an email with a subject like “Only cool people will open this” you become curious and open that letter and you focus on it.

Like what it has that you count yourself as cool people. If you saw your name in the message, you gain more interest by seeing that the person is accosting directly with you. So it’s good to use the name of the person whom you are sending an email.

Keep Your Email Specific

It’s one of the most important email marketing tips. Never keep your email so long or so short. Don’t add too many categories in one campaign. If you keep it long; it may confuse the reader and they will end up closing your email.  Don’t add too many links or CTA buttons, add a footer note like “For more deals visit

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