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40% of Conversations About Audio Streaming Brands Mentioned Anghami

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The official definition of social media is continuously increasing and users are finding new ways to connect and share their interests. It is obvious that the concept of audio streaming changed the way music and audio content is consumed.

Moreover, digital audio platforms are growing fast allowing everyday consumers to easily access favorite music along with podcasts on demand.

Here are some audio content insights.

40% of Conversations About Audio Streaming Brands Mentioned Anghami:

Here are some reasons to consider audio content nowadays;

  • Audio listeners are growing and the audio content industry is rising.
  • Audio is an opportunity to create personalized content
  • Listening habits and preferences are easily monitored and analyzed

Check the Audio Content Insights in 2020 | DMC

  • According to the audio content insights, 40% of conversations about audio streaming brands mentioned Anghami; Anghami is a leading platform in the MENA region, it provides both Arabic and English audio content.
  • Comes in second place, Youtube.
  • In third place, Sound cloud followed by Spotify.
  • It is known that when someone listens to audio, they decide to give it their full attention. Therefore, the content needs to be creative enough in order to keep and grow an engaged audience.

Here is a chart of the most active countries when it comes to mentions and activities;

Check the Audio Content Insights in 2020 | DMC

  • Based on the audio content insights and according to the previous chart, the most active country is Saudi Arabia with a percentage of 43%.
  • Followed by Egypt with a percentage of 24%.
  • Iraq with a percentage of 21%, Tunisia 6%, and finally UAE 2%.

Listening Habits and Preferences Are Easily Monitored and Analyzed

Even though there are some ways to identify your target audience besides understanding their behavior, when it comes to digital audio marketing, by turning into conversations, you get a grasp of what type of audio content your target audience is listening to.

Here are the most popular content nowadays according to the audio content insights;

Check the Audio Content Insights in 2020 | DMC

Moreover, brands should bear in mind reworking content along with marketing strategies to include digital audio activities. With the increasing demand for it among the MENA region, it is time for brands to expand their territory into the realm of sound.


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