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Instagram Adds New Option to Embed User Profiles on Third-Party Websites

December 16, 2021 |

Instagram is currently adding another way to promote your Instagram presence outside the app, along with a new option to embed a mini version of your Instagram profile on third-party sites. As you can see in the following example, now, you will be able to link to an Instagram profile direct within a website, and …


Twitter Tests New, TikTok-Like Full-Screen Display for Explore

December 8, 2021 |

Today, Twitter has launched a new test of reformatted Explore tab, which displays tweets in a full-screen, vertical scrolling format. This looks familiar, right? Down to the “For you” and “Trending” tabs. Twitter testing a new explore tab! ✨ #Twitter @MattNavarra — ㆅ (@WFBrother) December 8, 2021 More About Twitter’s New Explore Tab: Pretty …


Messenger Adds New Group AR Effects, Tests Automated Bill-Splitting Process

December 3, 2021 |

Messenger rolls out some new features for the holidays, and that includes influencer-inspired group AR effects, fresh Soundmoji options, featuring Taylor Swift, as well as a new test of bill-splitting within group chat treads. Starting off with this, on the new group effects for video calls, which are interactive AR features that can be applied …


TikTok’s Best Practice Tips for Driving Conversion with Your Ads

December 3, 2021 |

TikTok has just shared a new set of tips on how to maximize conversion with your TikTok ads, based on thousands of examples in its system. Moreover, using automated analysis, TikTok scanned its ad network in order to identify key elements of the highest converting campaigns, and that could be a great help in maximizing …


TikTok Shares a Listing of Some of the Most Popular Products Promoted on the Platform in 2021

December 2, 2021 |

In case you’re seeking gift inspiration for the young hipsters in your life, this is your lucky day! TikTok’s today published a listing of some of the most popular products on the social media platform over the last year, which was featured in different #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trends. TikTok’s Listing: In light of this matter, TikTok explains: …


Snapchat Adds New ‘Layers’ Option to Snap Map to Highlight Memories, Popular Places

November 17, 2021 |

Snapchat’s looking forward to expanding the utility of its Snap Map feature, with the addition of a new ‘Layers’ toggle that’ll enable users to change the focus of the map display. As you can see in the above example, Snap’s new Layers toggle, at the top right of the Snap Map display, will make users …


New Report From TikTok on How Families are Connecting via TikTok Clips

November 10, 2021 |

TikTok has published a new report that looks at how families connect via TikTok clips, also, how TikTok holds appeal to all ages, who are engaging via #FamilyTok and related hashtags. In light of this, Tiktok explains: “From endearing toddlers with big attitudes to grandmas with hilarious one-liners, TikTok transcends generations and brings families together …


TikTok Shares New Insights into Holiday Shopping Trends to Assist in Campaign Planning

November 4, 2021 |

If you haven’t included TikTok in your holiday marketing strategy, then it is your time to do so. TikTok is a fast-growing video platform and right now it is a place for many young consumers, also, it’s increasingly driving the latest trends, which extends to products and consumer behavior as well. In light of that, …


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